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Strawberry Cake and Blueberry Bars

July 9, 2010

This post clearly would have been perfect for the 4th of July – I mean, look at all that red, white and blue! But of course I don’t really have my act together, so… better late than never I guess.

I actually made this strawberry cake for Father’s Day. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been told this story about how my grandma won my grandfather over with her amazing strawberry shortcake recipe. Consequently, I’ve been obligated to make this favorite dessert for him every year. When I was younger, we would buy a boxed pound cake and a carton of strawberries at the supermarket, pretend like we “made” this awesome dessert and call it a day. But since I’ve gotten older and more particular about my baked goods in past years, I’ve wanted to make everything from scratch. So last year I made totally authentic strawberry shortcakes for everyone – the kind that are like biscuits, (like this) because apparently, that’s how it’s done traditionally (or so Martha says, and I would never cross her). So anyway, I go to all this trouble to make cute, individual little cakes, and I bring them out, and my whole family is like “What are these? biscuits? This is weird. We want regular cake.” So I’ve learned my lesson – I’m making exclusively plain, inauthentic cake for my family from here on out. (Consequently, do you think this whole strawberry shortcake deception means that my grandparents’ marriage was a fraud all these years?!)

recipe from Martha Stewart

The blueberry bars are from the 4th of July. Every year I visit my friend in Rhode Island for the 4th, because they get REALLY into the holiday there. It’s basically a town-wide, week-long party. Her parents cook really awesome authentic Mexican food for us the whole time we’re there, so I wanted to bring something so I didn’t feel like such a moocher. These are probably my favorite thing to bake in the summer, cause it’s blueberry season and they’re sturdy and portable – ready to go cross country partying!

recipe from SmittenKitchen

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