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I’m Victoria – and I’m a 19 year old design student who loves to cook and bake and take pictures of it. I’m not really sure what to say in a thing like this, and I’m not usually that big on talking about myself. So how the hell did I end up having my own blog? Well you see, being the design student that I am, I found myself desperately trying to find some sort of internship this summer. Luckily, I scored a spot with a company called Tavern Direct, that sells things like marinades, sauces and vinegars in order to raise money for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A lot of what I do has to do with reaching out to bloggers to try our products and spread the message about NCMC (annndd photoshoping lots of pictures of steak, which is totally ironic cause I’m a vegetarian and all). But anyway, it was suggested that I start a blog myself, cause I’m into that whole cooking thing, and so that I could start this whole bloggers talking about Tavern Direct and NCMC thing (and let’s no kid ourselves, I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to cook and bake more than I already do) … so here I am! But hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I somehow became wildly famous and successful as a result of this? I think so. Anywho, here’s some fun facts about me:

I thought this was appropriate, because it was taken in central park, ya know... like where Tavern on the Green is

– I go to school in Pittsburgh

it's totally cold there

– but I’m originally from dirty jersey, just outside of New York City

going out in ze city. (no, that's not my dress, or my coke. I'm not generally in favor of dead animals or sodas)

-I’m on my college swim team. It pretty much owns my life.

apparently everyone else knew there was a picture being taken and didn't tell me

-I’m weirdly into astrology. I’m a pisces, and I maintain that that’s why so much of my life has to do with water/ fish/ aquatics

I'm really into water sports. haha. no, but really though...

– on that note, I’ve been a pescetarian since freshman year of high school

-I do design. I like to draw. I do freelance work! (*cough cough* hire me!!)

– I don’t really take myself seriously at all

I'm pretty confident my modeling career will be taking off soon

– On that note, if you know me in real life, and you’re reading this, and you’re laughing at me, it’s cool cause I’m totally laughing at me too

– oh, and sometimes I like to dress up and impersonate Lil Wayne

a milli a milli a milli...

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  1. July 22, 2010 10:39 pm

    Awesome page. What do you swim? I grew up swimming… and now in my older (ahem – wiser years), I’m back in the pool swimming open water races and doing tris. Fun stuff. A sport for life.

    PS – Go veg! ;)

    • July 23, 2010 5:03 pm

      oh man that’s awesome! I’ve toyed around with the idea of doing a tri for a while now, but it’s really just the biking part that I can’t get myself into. I’m thinking it might be my goal for after I’m done with college swimming. But I mostly do the 1650, 1000, and 500 free events and sometimes the 200 fly (everyone on my team jokes that I just get stuck with all the events no one else wants to do haha)

      thanks for reading! always happy to find other swimmers!

      • July 26, 2010 12:46 pm

        The glory part of the tri for me is the swim. What college do you swim at? I didn’t swim in college – well unless you count the 2 months I tried to swim on a Master’s team, but then didn’t like the idea of getting up at 6am – but my husband did. He swam for Providence College.

        • July 26, 2010 2:26 pm

          Oh wow that’s awesome, one of my good friends from home swims for Providence College right now! And I swim for Carnegie Mellon – we’re D3, but we’re one of the better schools in that league. Morning practices are a pain though – mine are at 5:15am! haha

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